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We’re Adept at Solving Critical Problems

We listen to the most important voices at any facility — the people who work there every day. Then we create smart solutions that boost efficiency, reduce waste, increase sustainability, and ensure comfort and safety. With advanced lighting at the core, we go much further — adding exceptional new capabilities that turn illumination into insights, changes into savings.


Innovative, Dynamic Brands Ready to Improve Your Facility

Our two brands — Digital Lumens and Encelium — bring advanced but easy-to-use solutions to our diverse customers, so they can achieve new efficiency, comfort, and control.

Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens

We Generate Facility Wellness

Digital Lumens helps thousands of industrial facilities around the world operate at peak performance today — and be ready for the future. The innovations start with intelligent LED luminaires and advanced lighting controls, which provide great lighting and energy savings. The SiteWorx facility insights application suite and an array of smart devices help industrial customers know more and do more by metering utilities, monitoring their entire facility, and observing critical areas.

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These popular solutions deliver significant results and exceptional value right out of the box. And Digital Lumens continually explores and innovates, looking for breakthroughs that make facilities more efficient and sustainable — while keeping people safe and productive.

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Get The Encelium Experience

For more than two decades, Encelium has been transforming healthcare centers, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties with advanced light management systems. Encelium X, its latest and most advanced system, is simple to install and intuitive to use, helping customers make major leaps in comfort, control, and energy efficiency.

Encelium light management systems makes life better and brighter for tenants and occupants while enhancing the experience of lighting designers, electricians, building owners and managers, and many others. Sophisticated capabilities made simple — that’s the Encelium Experience.

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Digital Lumens, Incorporated is a Skyview Capital Portfolio Company